How to French Kiss Without the Drool

They know it, time for the French kiss. And boy, they hate that moment. Why is this so? Because you seriously do not know how to french kiss. You certainly don’t want to get the reputation of being a bad kisser, so what can you do?

You must learn how to French kiss without the drool since it is definitely not about flooding the Sahara Desert. Good french kissing has several components that you must master in order to be an excellent french kisser.

1) Oral Hygiene —kiss918 apk If you smoke, kindly lay-off the whole day, since your girl wouldn’t appreciate it when you taste like an ashtray. Breath mints and sprays are welcome, or just keep a bottle of water handy all the time.

2) Lip Service — Now it’s time. First thing to do is close your eyes since you know where her lips are. It’s a little spooky to come close with your eyes open. Tilt your head sideways so your saliva will not gush forward when you lips lock.The trick to learn how to french kiss so well is to keep the saliva from pooling, and making your kiss so sloppy. Oh and quit the tonsil hockey. Play with your friend but not your girl’s tonsils.

3) Tongue Drill — The way to French kiss properly is make little number eight swirls with your tongue on your partner’s lips and progress on the tongue. A relaxed tongue is important and not an appendage that would spear someone. Now, breathe through your nose; that’s sexy.

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